The idea

GermanDomes GmbH was founded in Germany in 2020 after two years of product development. The founder’s idea was to develop a completely new space with maximum visual proximity to nature. Spaces that offer people protection from the forces of nature and external influences without limiting the visual experience.

Our goals

Since the foundation of GermanDomes, production and employee numbers have been growing steadily. Today, we already produce a wide variety of geodesic domes for worldwide distribution in an area of more than 3000 sqm. Within the next five years, we will expand our market presence in this new sector and increasingly distribute our products worldwide through local distributors and online direct sales.
How will we achieve this? By pursuing a clear vision of playing a significant role in shaping the future of geodesic domes. This means that we focus both on the development of scalable and future-oriented technology in construction and on the implementation of a sustainable corporate culture. We show how an organisation can function successfully with a people-centric approach to work.
Our colleagues and values come first. Always.

Our partners

We cannot change the world on our own. That’s why we join forces with competent and carefully selected partners. Our partners understand their craft and want to play an active part in driving the revolution in close-to-nature living by working with us.
We grow with our partners, who handle the tasks at hand together with us.