Bikini top – the tailor-made sun protection

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Assembly is very easy and can be completed by two people within five minutes. The bikini top is pulled over the dome with the help of an assembly rope and then tensioned at four points. Included in the delivery are four strong magnets that act as holders for the tensioning ropes. The magnets with snap hooks are attached to the steel foundation ring and hold the bikini top in position. By moving the magnetic holders and lengthening or shortening the tensioning ropes, the bikini top can be fixed in different places on the surface of the dome depending on the position of the sun. Should thunderstorms or strong winds unexpectedly blow up, the magnetic brackets also serve as overload protection, ensuring that neither the bikini top nor the dome are damaged. The cut of the bikini top with its large curves does not restrict the panoramic view of the outside world.

Colour: white
Material: PET polymer film
For an extra charge, the bikini top can be printed in various colours with motifs, logos or advertising messages. We will be happy to provide you with a quote.