GermanDomes offers customised flooring solutions for all GEO series domes.

The foundation ring of the GEO models can be set up on any level, load-bearing surface. This can be e.g. grass, a gravel surface, asphalt, wood or concrete. However, in order to lay a conventional floor covering inside the dome, such as carpet, laminate, parquet or linoleum, a suitable substructure is required. GermanDomes offers a precisely milled, round wooden frame structure as the optimal base.

The round wooden frame construction is covered with boards (OSB3) which are screwed in place. The substructure is delivered in segments and should ideally be installed after the foundation ring has been fitted. After the dome has been erected, the subfloor can then be fitted with the desired floor covering. If a substructure is only required at a later date, retrospective installation is also possible thanks to the size of the individual floor segments.

If you have any questions about special solutions or special requirements regarding your preferred flooring, please feel free to contact our hotline.