Safety glass door

The glass doors used by GermanDomes on the GEO5 and GEO8 models are:

  • edge polished all round to a high gloss finish
  • extremely resilient
  • impact-resistant and more scratch resistant than normal glass
  • easy to clean

ESG or single-pane safety glass doors manufactured according to DIN 12150 consist of thermally toughened glass, which has extremely high impact and shock resistance. In the event of glass breakage, toughened safety glass breaks into small, compact cubes, effectively reducing the risk of cuts and impact injuries. A shock-absorbing door seal is fitted all around the door frame, protecting the toughened safety glass doors from damage even if they are caught by a strong gust of wind.

Glass door leaf data:

  • Outside impact
  • Material: ESG float glass manufactured according to DIN 12150
  • Glass thickness: 8 mm
  • Door dimensions: 1972 mm high, 959 mm wide

Should anything untoward nevertheless happen, all doors used in the GEO models can be reordered individually.