The steel foundation ring

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The comprehensive “Construction static report” from GermanDomes as the basis for certified safety

For commercial use of self-supporting geodesic domes, a construction static report is required by law.

GermanDomes is the only manufacturer to offer a structural analysis report of over 70 pages for the GEO series domes.

This expert report fully documents the calculations required for snow load, wind load, fire protection class and material specifications.

Geodesic domes – cantilever structures with amazing advantages

The stability of the geodesic dome structures results from a type of truss construction, whereby the forces that occur are dissipated and distributed over the entire network via the nodes. This is extremely efficient for force distribution and far superior to other designs in terms of wind and especially snow loads. The hexagonal shape of the segments on which the structure is based is also more stable than comparable rectangular shapes.

Due to their perfect aerodynamic shape, geodesic domes are wind and storm-proof, as the wind has nowhere to apply its destructive forces.

As a result of the statics and high stability, properly calculated geodesic domes do not require columns or beams. Geodesic domes are characterised by their favourable material-to-volume ratio, they offer impressive sound distribution and good air circulation. In contrast to all other types of buildings, dome buildings offer the possibility of constant sunlight throughout the day. This results in high energy efficiency, which can be put to good use. This is particularly beneficial at cooler times of the year and reduces heating costs considerably.