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The microclimate prevailing inside the domes, generated by the micro-slits between the dome segments and the air inlets in the foundation ring equipped with microfilters, ensures sufficient fresh air and good air circulation.

Windows are normally used for viewing, lighting and ventilation. In GermanDomes’ transparent domes, windows are used exclusively for communication, additional ventilation, and to prevent heat buildup during extreme temperatures.

For all Geo series domes, up to four windows per dome can be optionally ordered and installed. The stable window, made of 8-millimeter-thick Makrolon®UV, matches the design idea of the hexagonal dome segments in terms of shape and material. It has a restrained effect due to its transparent frame and does not interfere with the unique all-round view. The window closes rainproof via a transparent silicone window seal. It can be opened or closed as wide as required by means of an integrated locking mechanism. If necessary, the window can be locked with a padlock on the inner window fitting.

More information about the AirFlap (roof opening for better air circulation) can be found here