Your questions - our answers

How do the domes respond to storms and hail?

GermanDomes geodesic domes have been designed and constructed to provide their users with all-round protection against the vagaries of nature. The foundation rings, made of solid, corrosion-resistant steel elements, give the domes of GermanDomes a strong base. Complex static calculations, displacement and wind assessments and intensive tests under the toughest conditions have shown how robust and resistant the overall structure is in the face of any challenge, no matter how extreme.

What happens during heavy snowfall?

The statics of the GermanDomes models are designed for high snow loads (see structural report). The Makrolon surfaces of the domes are smooth, non-porous and do not allow snow to stick. The smooth, spherical, sloping surface means that snow has little chance of settling. Above a certain load, blocks of snow slide down the smooth spherical surface on the outside of the domes.

How do I keep the dome clean?

The Makrolon surfaces of GermanDomes domes are non-porous, smooth and easy to clean. The smooth, spherical surface means that snow, dirt and impurities have little chance of settling. Animals and especially birds avoid the smooth, sloping surfaces of the spherical domes. Even for stubborn dirt, rain as a natural cleaning agent or water from a garden hose are usually sufficient. To maintain the brilliance of the material, we recommend liquid, non-scratching care products in combination with soft cotton cloths.

What do I do if parts of the dome are damaged?

If coupling segments are irreparably damaged, the segments in question can be dismantled easily, reordered with the engraved serial number and then reinserted.