The material of the GermanDomes structure - "Makrolon UV®"

Includes GermanDomes 5-year factory guarantee for weather resistance and unbreakability

Makrolon UV® is a ground-breaking material, developed by the German company Bayer AG. Makrolon UV® is a high-tech material that is completely transparent and almost invisible.
Makrolon UV® is 200 times more impact resistant than glass, odourless, UV resistant on both sides and the perfect choice of material for long life and excellent weather resistance. Even at extreme temperatures between minus 100 and plus 100 degrees, Makrolon UV® remains dimensionally stable and transparent over many years. Makrolon UV® is characterised by break resistance, rigidity and hardness. The thermal and mechanical properties of Makrolon UV® are extremely impressive over many years. Makrolon UV® does not yellow, is classified as “flame retardant” and meets the requirements of the highest (safest) fire class (B1 according to DIN 4102).


Makrolon UV - The UV-protected material of the dome

Makrolon UV® is characterised by enhanced UV protection. The UV coating is applied to the surface of the smooth dome segments in the factory. This protection also increases resistance to permanent environmental factors and thus ensures years of high transparency and long-lasting material stability.
Whether for safety helmets, visors, spectacle or camera lenses: Makrolon UV® is an uncompromisingly sustainable, 100% recyclable, high-tech material with impressive properties.


No yellowing, no colour changes - The material of the dome retains its shine and crystal clear transparency

The cantilevered dome construction in combination with the high transparency of Makrolon UV® gives the domes of the GEO series an eye-catching design.  Wherever GermanDomes are set up, people are amazed, admiring and soon fall under their spell. Our customers enjoy a completely new sense of space and environment, a magical, up-close encounter with the forces of nature under the protection of the highly stable GermanDomes structures, creating an experience of a very special kind. Despite the UV coating, stickers can be attached to the dome segments or they can be printed without any problems.


History of the material "Makrolon UV"

In 1953 Hermann Schnell, an employee of Bayer AG Deutschland, developed polycarbonates for industrial production for the first time. In 1958 Bayer AG began industrial production of solid, large-format sheets under the trade name “Makrolon”. Makrolon is a good insulator against electrical voltages, water, many mineral acids and aqueous solutions from neutral salts to oxidising agents.
Even some non-polar organic solvents such as hydrocarbons and many oils and greases have no effect on polycarbonates. However, polycarbonates are not resistant to some chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as dichloromethane, alkaline aqueous solutions, amines and ammonia, as well as some organic solvents.


Straightforward replacement of the dome segments

If individual dome segments become damaged, they are easy to reorder from the accessories section because each one is engraved with an individual number.