Our mission

We create transparent buildings and ecosystems that offer our customers a barrier-free, all-round experience of nature. In view of our high quality standards in the development, design and manufacture of our products, we have taken the decision to manufacture them exclusively in Germany and for the most part in-house.
Our hands-on approach to the product guarantees our customers a high quality standard with consistently good service. Today, GermanDomes produces innovative geodesic domes from state-of-the-art materials, and they continue to evolve.

For a sustainable future

One of our basic concerns is that the raw materials we use are as environmentally friendly as possible, are low-energy and 100% recyclable. In this context, we select suppliers who themselves demonstrate high socio-ecological quality and competence.
Sustainable and energy-efficient recycling of the materials we use has always been a priority for GermanDomes as a manufacturing company.