We create space for innovation, creativity and lifestyle

Live, eat, celebrate, play and sleep outdoors. Feel safe in the transparent world of GermanDomes.

A fascinating living space with no visual boundaries

Place the dome in your favourite place, in the garden, for example, in the wilderness, in a hall, on a floating pontoon or a flat roof. There are no limits to how creative you can be!

A natural and innovative spatial concept

For private use, catering, trade fairs, events or rental: GermanDomes can be used anywhere. Let yourself be inspired - be outside inside.

Brand quality from GermanDomes

“High-tech material” with a 5-year guarantee
Domes from GermanDomes are made of the highly transparent, unbreakable and 100% recyclable material “Makrolon” made by Bayer AG Deutschland.

“The steel foundation ring” with a 5-year guarantee
Developed by German engineers and protected by GermanDome’s design and utility patent - the solid, corrosion-resistant ring foundation with integrated door segment and ESG safety glass door.

“Construction static report”

Safety first - as a legal prerequisite for commercial and private use, GermanDomes provides a “construction static report” including the necessary calculations for snow load, wind load, fire protection class and material specifications.

Made in Germany

"Made in Germany"
The domes of the GEO series by GermanDomes are exclusively manufactured in our company headquarters in the north of Germany.

"Immediately available"
Whether self-collecting or worldwide shipping - all domes of the GEO series and comprehensive accessories are available for immediate delivery from our warehouse in Rehna.

"All-round service"

Expert advice by telephone, field service, installation service and a permanent exhibition on more than 1,000 m2 - we look forward to your visit!


Welcome to the transparent world of GermanDomes - a world without limits for your creativity and lifestyle.
Let yourself be inspired by the diverse ideas of our worldwide customers. Find new inspiration and decorating ideas in hundreds of images. Visit our photo database of unlimited possibilities.

Living & Leisure
Catering & Hotel
Events & Fairs

Advantages of the construction method


Unobstructed view and 360-degree panorama - The crystal-clear, completely transparent material of the dome and the self-supporting structure with no scaffolding or beams convey the feeling of being outdoors.

Protected from wind and weather

Thanks to their perfect aerodynamic shape and optimal distribution of forces, geodesic domes are far superior to other designs in terms of extreme weather conditions and environmental factors. Geodesic domes from GermanDomes provide an invisible protective screen against storms, hail, snow and rain.

Breath-taking acoustics

The outer skin of the GermanDomes geodesic domes acts as a sound-absorbing barrier both internally and externally. For some, it offers meditative silence and absolute privacy; for music lovers, the impressive acoustics of a concert hall: the brilliant sound distribution of dome buildings offers an acoustic experience in every respect.

Micro ventilation

Fine air inlets between the dome segments ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air and a pleasant indoor climate. Air slits and air filters arranged around the edge of the foundation ring provide a microclimate inside the dome that is comparable to being outside.


To protect people and materials, the dome segments are UV-coated in the factory. The UV protection on both sides increases the resistance of the domes to permanent environmental factors and ensures years of high transparency and long-lasting stability of the material.

Air conditioning

Due to the favourable ratio of floor area to volume, geodesic domes can be heated or cooled with little energy consumption. Commercially available fan heaters, air-conditioning boxes and split air-conditioning units are ideally suited for air-conditioning the domes; appropriate connections are provided in the factory.

Robust and resilient materials

“Makrolon UV” - the virtually invisible, crystal-clear material of the domes is 200 times more impact-resistant than glass, odourless, extremely hard and unbreakable. Makrolon UV is “flame retardant”, UV-resistant and 100% recyclable. The foundation ring and door segment are highly stable components made of torsion-free, galvanised steel. Galvanised steel has a good ecological balance and offers the most effective long-term corrosion protection of all known systems.

Assembly and disassembly

All dome segments are provided with engraved serial numbers. The door and foundation ring consist of a few pre-assembled parts. The assembly instructions provided are easy to understand and enable assembly or disassembly in just one day, depending on the model.